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L, the Illuminator I-II-III.

Author: KIAS

"I live in a wonderful, free and diverse world, in perfect health, with fulfilling human relationships, where everything is just perfect."

If you think in the same way, then just read this adventurous tripartite epic of creation because of the experience, which leads you hand in hand, step by step, out of the rabbit hole.
If you do not see the life as described above, then the dissatisfaction and feud will just grow and grow in your life until you will be forced to understand what you are actually live in. Being short of breath and peace, this information will find you and in some way or other it will make you change.
It is up to you that you choose the conscious way or suffer through the events that you will face. You move the pinball arms or you are the ball which is moved by your own world. /KIAS/

Welcome to an enthralling adventure where that rather questionable barrier between fiction and reality ceases to be a solid wall. Cross the line and join the lead characters as they embark on a bold and entertaining journey through space and time—a time-travel experience which leads us to a better understanding of the multiple levels of our universe. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and break the chains of the ancient taboos and dogmas planted in your head? By the end of this story you’ll get to a point where you’re no longer just driftwood on the river of your emotions and thoughts but a conscious, serene observer of the world who is able to find a middle way between sense and sensibility.



István Dienes – TM teacher


Dear Reader! The book you are holding in your hand will take your attention and interest in many ways. Although at first reading it looks like a story flow of fertile imagination and science fiction, in reality, however, it is a revelation based on the experiences and unfolding understandings of the many decades long spiritual and consciousness development of the author. By reading the lines we could indeed participate in the elevated expansion of the unfolding consciousness, whereby reaching the highest peak in the experience of unity along with the all-embracing attention and unified view we could have a clear vision about all the happenings taking place right now in our space-time bound reality. The Transcendental Meditation® technique was a great tool in reaching and stabilising this unity experience in the author’s life, which gives full credit to Maharishi’s fundamental teaching according to which higher states of consciousness, especially unity consciousness is the most natural state of human consciousness. Thereby accomplishing it is not at all preterhuman or a privilege, but a birth right of Everyone! Let this book be an encouragement not just for those who are looking for their real Self, but also for those who are already on the path, showing for all of them that this elevated level of existence is really achievable and the bliss, creativity and all-knowingness, which belongs to it, could be a living reality in daily life.

Our books

L, a Fényhozó II.

L, the Illuminator I.

Author: KIAS

This Fantasy Adventure teaches us what the Divine Experiment is all about, how the Planet of Free Will evolves, what role the chosen ones from the Sirians, the Pleiadians, and the Wingmakers have in the process, and how the life of Zoé, the young, mestizo eco enthusiast is affected.

L, a Fényhozó III.

L, the Illuminator II.

Author: KIAS

How did the aliens come to the Earth, and how can they keep people in ignorance? Who are the Hebrews and what part have they played in the development of humankind? Who is the Soulless? Are we one with our bodies? In this part Lucifer is giving us answers to these questions.

L, a Fényhozó III.

L, the Illuminator III.

Author: KIAS

From the adventures of Lucifer and Zoé we learn that we are not defined by our thoughts, either. The Key of Creation is activated by an exhilarating chain of events. As a result, the Annunaki mind-control is abolished, but their defeat sets off another wave of cataclysmic manipulation from the Draconians.

L-creation woman

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